Prince Kezz Beni Yisrael is the spiritual leader of Temple Kefarym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prince Kezz came into the knowledge of his Hebrew heritage in 1994, and has made strides to uplift and support the Nation of Yisrael in the diaspora. Prince Kezz, along with several others initiated, established and founded the Calendar Coalition. It has grown to be comprised of a cohort of Hebrew linguists, Historians and Scholastic Researchers.

Presently, he serves the nation as one of the lead researchers for the Holy Days’ appearances. Also, Prince Kezz a spokesman for the Calendar Coalition and Spiritual Advisor to many. His ultimate purpose is to serve our people and help in the process of our redemption; which, comes from the Almighty Creator.


Moreh Yoel was born in 1974 to Hebrew Israelite parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he resided for 39 years. He was raised and brought up at Bethel Temple in Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Overseer Louise Dailey and many other prestigious elders and teachers.

At age 18, he was chosen to be a Minister, Torah Cantor and Moreh to a large number of youth and adults at Bethel Temple. By age 24, Moreh Yoel, one of the first youth pioneers of his age, left Bethel to grow and develop, leading him to follow his vision of a united Nation of Yisrael.

Weeks after leaving Bethel, he began a congregation called Bayt Tzedek, where he served as founder and Spiritual Leader for 6 years before taking a 2 year sabbatical (2001-2007).

In 2010, Moreh Yoel collaborated with Sar Rabah Yisrael and Moreh Karootz to form a Meekdash called, “Anshay Yisrael” in Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Zaqain Kol Windsor. In 2014, Moreh Yoel left Philadelphia and relocated to Charlotte, NC where he currently resides and is actively extends his servitude and outreach to the greater community.

Moreh Yoel has been an active member and participant in the ONCC since its formation and inception, over 14 years ago. Moreh Yoel has been an intricate part of the ONCC from composing calendar-related documents to the initial siting of the moon; which initially took place in Philadelphia.

He is honored to be a part of the ONCC, as it operates as one of the greatest beacons for Yisrael and the world.