Prince Kezz Beni Yisrael is the spiritual leader of Temple Kefarym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prince Kezz came into the knowledge of his Hebrew heritage in 1994, and has made strides to uplift and support the Nation of Yisrael in the diaspora. Prince Kezz, along with several others initiated, established and founded the Calendar Coalition. It has grown to be comprised of a cohort of Hebrew linguists, Historians and Scholastic Researchers.

Presently, he serves the nation as one of the lead researchers for the Holy Days’ appearances. Also, Prince Kezz a spokesman for the Calendar Coalition and Spiritual Advisor to many. His ultimate purpose is to serve our people and help in the process of our redemption; which, comes from the Almighty Creator.


Moreh Yoel was born in 1974 to Hebrew Israelite parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he resided for 39 years. He was raised and brought up at Bethel Temple in Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Overseer Louise Dailey and many other prestigious elders and teachers.

At age 18, he was chosen to be a Minister, Torah Cantor and Moreh to a large number of youth and adults at Bethel Temple. By age 24, Moreh Yoel, one of the first youth pioneers of his age, left Bethel to grow and develop, leading him to follow his vision of a united Nation of Yisrael.

Weeks after leaving Bethel, he began a congregation called Bayt Tzedek, where he served as founder and Spiritual Leader for 6 years before taking a 2 year sabbatical (2001-2007).

In 2010, Moreh Yoel collaborated with Sar Rabah Yisrael and Moreh Karootz to form a Meekdash called, “Anshay Yisrael” in Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Zaqain Kol Windsor. In 2014, Moreh Yoel left Philadelphia and relocated to Charlotte, NC where he currently resides and is actively extends his servitude and outreach to the greater community.

Moreh Yoel has been an active member and participant in the ONCC since its formation and inception, over 14 years ago. Moreh Yoel has been an intricate part of the ONCC from composing calendar-related documents to the initial siting of the moon; which initially took place in Philadelphia.

He is honored to be a part of the ONCC, as it operates as one of the greatest beacons for Yisrael and the world.


Shoshana baht Levi was introduced to her Israelite heritage at the age of fourteen through Hashabah Yisrael, under the teachings of Cohen Levi ben Levi. She has been mentored over the years under Cohen Levi’s most prominent student, her brother, Cohane Michael Ben Levi.

Early on Shoshana was blessed to develop a personal relationship with the Creator and a thirst for knowledge and truth that remains unquenched. Throughout the years, Shoshana has devoutly served in communities; such as, Beth Ha Tefilah in St. Albans, NY; B’nai Adath and Quahal in Brooklyn, NY; Beth Hephzibah of Philadelphia, PA, and currently, Hashabah Yisrael, Hebrew Family of Charlotte, NC.

Shoshana has been an earnest student of the Hebrew Scriptures and heritage throughout the years. She is the author of a language instruction manual entitled, “So You Want to Learn Hebrew?” Shoshana also taught at The Israelite Preparatory Institute in Brooklyn, NY prior to establishing and opening a school, while raising her own children. Additionally, she is the creator and manager of a Nation website that can be found at:

Shoshana joined the One Nation Calendar Coalition in 2006, bringing all her skills and knowledge to assist in such areas as historical research, administrative tasks, finance, fundraising, website creation and management, with a specialization in public education.


Sar Aharon, originally born in New York City, relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1996. Sar has lived, upheld and promoted Torah Law since 1981. While in New York City, Sar Aharon served as President of the Board of Directors of Hashabah Yisrael. He has also served as President of Ma’Aseer, as the head of fundraising from 1985-1996.

In 2002, Sar Aharon co-founded Hashabah Yisrael Hebrew Family of Charlotte, NC, where he actively serves as the Spiritual Leader and President of the Elders Council.

Sar Aharon joined the One Nation Calendar Coalition in 2008. In 2011, he began training as a calendar researcher, where he focuses on forecasting new moons and Holy seasons.


Sar Naamon was officially introduced into the knowledge of his heritage of being a Hebrew, Israelite by nationality, at the age of 25, in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He came into this knowledge by way of his present wife, Cocavyah Baht Levi, daughter of the late Moreh Hoshea, and grand-daughter of the late Cohen Ha Gadol Ben Levi. Upon thorough learning and training from the teachings of Hashabah Yisrael formed by Cohen Levi, he became the Chief man of Bait Yeladeh Yisrael, presently known as The Hebrew Family of Virginia, where he has humbly served over the last 14 years. Sar Naamon is also a current member of a Mohreem class compiled of different teachers of the Torah spanning from cities in Virginia to Georgia. In the realm of the true unification of the Nation, he is the producer of “The Prayer Line” every Shabbat/Sabbath starting at 7:30 am, an open forum of Prayer and exaltation to the Holy One of Yisrael which has been a very influential tool within the Nation for well over 10 years.


Cohane Zadok Ben Levi was born and raised in the original Hashabah Yisrael of Brooklyn, N.Y. during the 1970s. He was brought up under the teachings of the late Cohen Levi and Cohen Michael.

In 1990, Cohane Zadok migrated to Atlanta, GA. There, he became the residing Levite and worked beside the late Moreh Eleazar Ben Yehudah of Quahelat Ha Mishpakah, and remained a member of that congregation for 14 years.

In 1993, Cohane Zadok was ordained as a priest and became the residing priest over the congregation in Atlanta, GA until his migration to Charlotte, NC.

In 2004, Hashabah Yisrael, Hebrew Family of Charlotte welcomed him as residing priest, where he actively remains in this position today. In Charlotte, Cohane Zadok works alongside Sar Aharon Ben Levi and other members of the leadership to contribute to the growth and development of the Hebrew Family of Charlotte and the Nation of Yisrael by facilitating the laws, statutes and commandments set forth by The Most High, our Power.

Cohane Zadok became a member of The Calendar Coalition in 2012. His continued contribution to this organization is providing research on the sightings of the barley and new moon from the land of Israel.


Moreh Mordekay has been following, studying and spreading the word and laws of The Creator of the Heavens of Earth, YAH, as written in the Old Testament of the Bible, since 1988.  He has been attending the Original House of Yisrael Hebrew Bible Class in Cincinnati, OH since 1991, studying under Moreh Daniel Yisrael, Moreh Elesha Yisrael, Moreh Tahrea Yisrael, and other spiritual leaders across the United States.

Moreh Mordekay has served in many capacities within the Nation of Yisrael. Humbly, he actively spreads the work of The Creator to his Hebrew brothers and sisters turning to them to Yah and a life of striving for righteousness. His various roles consist of being a direct influence for increased membership at the House of Yisrael in Cincinnati, OH. There, he also serves as lead security, lead audio and visual broadcaster and a leading teacher (Moreh) all at the House of Yisrael. Moreh Mordekay is also the founder of “One Mind”, an outreach program that caters to elderly, youth, widows and orphans. As a humble servant, he aspires to exemplify the very words of The Creator in his everyday life; which has been a great fit as his contributions to the One Nation Calendar Coalition have and will continue to reflect.