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The Mission of The One Nation Calendar Coalition is To Provide A Culturally Sound, Torah-Based Calendar That Enables Israelites to Observe The Appointed Times of the Most High in Their Correct Seasons.

Please note: All dates are thoroughly researched and agreed upon by The One Nation Calendar Coalition Board Members.

ONCC Holy Day

Gregorian Calendar 2019 Dates

Biblical Holy Day

Rosh Hashana

(New Year)


April 6th at Even

new moon sighted

ראש השנה




April 20th at Dusk


1st Chag Matzote

(Unleavened Bread)


*April 21, 2019

אי חג המצות

7th Chag Matzote

(Unleavened Bread)


*April 27, 2019

זי חג המצות

Chag Shavuot

(Feast of Weeks)


 *June 16, 2019

חג השבועות

Yom Teruah
(Day of Shouting)


*Sept 30, 2019

יום תרועה

Yom Kippurim
(Day of Atonement)


*Oct 9, 2019


יום הכפורים

1st Chag Sukkot
(Feast of Tabernacles)


*Oct 14, 2019


אי חג הסוכות

Shemini Atzeret
(8th Day of Assembly)


*Oct 21, 2019

שמיני עצרת


Where *asterik appears -The Biblical Holy Day begins at sunset on the day before the date listed and continues for 24 hours until sunset on the following day.

Example: If 1st Unleavened Bread is listed as April 2nd then the holy day commences at sunset on April 1st through sunset April 2nd.

The O.N.C.C. is committed to sending two representatives to Israel each year to proclaim “First Fruits” (Barley) in it’s Abib state, thus declaring the month of Abib. [Exodus 12:2; Deut.16:1].  If you would like to make a monetary donation to help offset the travel cost of our group members, please make a Donation today!  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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O.N.C.C. Board of Directors